Friday, June 21, 2013

When you're smiling....

I love to laugh. I actually love to laugh a lot and if someone can make me laugh they are my instant bestie. When there is a character that makes me laugh, I'm instantly in love. Lately, I've been in a dark place when it comes to writing. All angsty, kill a few characters, deep thoughts kind of writing. Now, I have a macabre sense of humor and can also find funny things in what some find extremely morbid but I haven't even tapped into that lately.

So it was with great surprise that while planning out a story, one little line from a character popped into my head. This was going to be a disposable character that I hadn't taken the time to develop. I was going to use him as a place setter to help flesh out something between the hero and heroine. He was lacking completely in physical description, but then he whispered that line as I was jotting down notes, and he became the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. It was a magical transformation and because of his wit I decided he needed to have a story all his own.

I'm sure some will see this as just transference of my subconscious utilizing a character of my imagination to express latent humor I needed to ground myself that got really clinical. Anyhoo, the point is, it may seem odd that a character I made up could make me desire him more, but tis true and I'm very grateful for him. I'm sure when I finish writing this cheeky bugger you'll be grateful too.


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