Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trucking! Adventure! Aliens! Oh MY!

We’re extremely pleased to have published and fantastic action adventure author Tom Olbert here at Mocha Memoirs Press.  Mr. Olbert’s latest release, LONG HAUL, is humourous, action-packed science fiction.

Don’t take our word for it. Read the blurb below for a peek into LONG HAUL.

Blurb: In the near future, physicists have stumbled on a way to channel dark energy, making it possible to instantaneously travel anywhere in the world by passing through parallel universes as they intersect with our continuum at given points in time and space. Daredevil truck drivers like the protagonist, Garth Jenkins and his trucking partner Sally Drake, earn hazardous duty pay by trucking cargo through perilous alternate universes often infested with deadly alien predators. Garth and Sally are offered a mysterious and possibly illegal contract to deliver some unknown cargo to unknown buyers in another universe. En route to the transdimensional drop-off point, their truck is hijacked by Keira Takahashi, a beautiful and radical young college student who claims they are carrying a nuclear device and are being used by evil alien forces intent on destroying another universe.

At first, Garth and Sally dismiss the young woman’s story as madness, until hostile aliens in undead human bodies make an attempt on her life. Finding themselves on the run and not knowing whom they can trust, Garth and Sally embark on a crooked road through dangerous alien universes and remote time periods. Finally escaping to Cal Tech University and confirming Keira’s story, Garth and Sally must decide whether to get themselves to safety or risk their lives to save a universe. They choose the latter. Arriving in the alien home universe, a barren landscape under a dim purple sun, Garth and Sally turn the tables on the evil company and their murderous alien clients. After a fierce battle, the alien dimension portal is destroyed and Garth and Sally narrowly escape.

Garth and Sally join up with an underground trucking network and devote themselves to fighting the evil corporation.

You can purchase LONG HAUL today from Amazon or B&

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