Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hot Erotic Romance Science Fiction Titles!

Mocha Memoirs Press offers two sizzling science fiction romances for your reading flavors. Erotic romance author, RaeLynn Blue, offers two novellas that are sure to set your idea of science fiction on fire! Her Moonbeams & Stardust series might be the best way to spike your holiday reading.
Star Seduction: Thanks to an explosion on his touring ship, Jackson’s life of intergalactic glitz as the guitarist in rock band dead ends on a chunk not too far from Earth, the moon. Depressed, down on his luck, and emotionally desolate, Jackson spends night after night, drowning any feelings he has left in countless mug of beer. When he accidental clashes with a beautiful black woman in the Cat’s Meow lot, he sees a ray of sun in his otherwise dreary life. Star Summers is a woman betrayed. Thanks to a boyfriend who left her for greener pastures on Earth, Star is reduced to dancing as a stripper at a dump called the Cat’s Meow, not to mention her morning gig of working at a diner. The moon promised to be a blessing, but has turned into a curse. Longing for Earth on the rise she’s willing to do anything to get home. When they do find each other, sparks not only fly, they explode. There’s just one problem–Star’s pimp…Darius…

Halo's Heart: Moonbeams & Stardust 2: Halo has had enough of her tech helper Kai's flirtatious nature. Though she secretly harbors a hot flame for him, she is more than stunned when she catches him fanning his flame for a stripper from the Cat's Meow, a strip club she had long since clawed her way out of. Now the owner of Black Box Bistro, Halo serves up virtual reality fare to the troops stumbling in from the moon colony wars. If only her lust for Kai wasn't so vivid and real, Halo believes she can be successful and earn passage back to Earth. Kai is carrying a lot more than a torch for his boss, Halo. He's packing an inferno of love for her. If only she'd let him. He'd watched her nightly at the Cat's Meow and helped her set up her business when she finally broke free of the grind. Halo's heart is locked and sealed, battered by stripping for a living and hardened by failed attempts at love. He has to find a way to carve through her pain and claim her heart. His love for her is very real.
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